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Clinical Psychologist - Vrije Universiteit Brussel (B)

Contextual Therapist - Antwerp (B)

Academy of Arts - Antwerp (B)

I view myself as an experimental artist. I work through an open creative process. I begin without knowing where it will end, what I will create. I discover while I advance in completing the work.

I develop slowly, step by step. I enjoy creating this way.

Art is a coincidence to me and an interactive process which develops into it’s own statement.

I enjoy myself drawing / painting / sculpting  faces of people. Could be anyone but I have distanced myself from the realistic photographic drawings and paintings. The faces I make are recognizable but sometimes even not. Sometimes it could be anyone, a line or a spot on the canvas that triggers my imagination. Numerous of portraits are Self-portraits based on self-analysis.

The major themes in my work are people.

I love to draw and paint portraits of people and “life drawings” have always been my preferred Medium. I am fascinated by the imperfection of people. The small differences that make them unique and therefore beautiful.

My medium is Acrylics, Charcoal, Pastels, Clay.



Favorite artist;

Something cheerful, not too serious, a painting by Maria Lassnig ‘Du oder ich’.

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