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Clinical Psychologist - Vrije Universiteit Brussel (B)

Contextual Therapist - Antwerp (B)

Academy of Arts - Antwerp (B)

I consider myself an experimental artist, embracing a fluid and open-ended creative process. I start without a clear destination, discovering and shaping the artwork as I progress.

My approach is gradual, evolving step-by-step, and I find joy in this method of creation.

To me, art emerges spontaneously, an interactive process that forms its own narrative.

I take pleasure in drawing, painting, and sculpting faces, though I've moved away from photorealistic depictions. The faces I depict are sometimes recognizable, other times ambiguous, often just a line or a mark on the canvas sparking my creativity. Many of these portraits are self-portraits, emerging from self-reflection.

People are the central theme of my work.

I am passionate about creating portraits and life drawings, which have always been my favorite subjects. I am drawn to the unique imperfections in people that make them distinct and, to me, beautiful.

My chosen mediums are acrylics, charcoal, pastels, and clay.

Favorite artist;

Something cheerful, not too serious, a painting by Maria Lassnig ‘Du oder ich’.

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